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af-1 Hierdie gebruiker het basiese kennis van Afrikaans.
sw-1 Mtumiaji huyu ni mwongeaji wa Kiswahili cha kiwango cha Msingi.
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fr-4 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances proches de la langue maternelle en français.
ru-4 Этот участник владеет русским языком почти как родным.
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I am a biophysicist interested in interactions between the Wikimedia and scholarly communities, as well as in integrating their respective workflows and infrastructure. Within this general framework, my focus for this Wikimania is on WikiCite (especially Scholia) and disaster prevention, both with special attention to Africa.

Sessions I am involved in

These are bolded in the schedule below.

Sessions I plan to attend

17 July (Tuesday)

18 July (Wednesday)

19 July (Thursday)

20 July (Friday)

21 July (Saturday)

22 July (Sunday)

23 July (Monday)

24 July (Monday)


Submissions I made or was considering

The deadline for Submissions was March 18, 2018.

Focus on Africa

With Wikimania 2018 being in Africa, I am looking into connecting to interesting projects that happen there or in other often neglected parts of the planet. Some that I heard about at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Summit:

Water shortage

Wikimania 2018 reports

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