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Integrating Wikidata and curricula


Wikidata is an open educational resource of growing importance but neither has it found its way into many curricula, nor has curriculum-related information found its way into Wikidata at scale. In this session, we want to explore both of these avenues for interaction between the two.

On the one hand, we will thus consider which options there are to enrich curricula with Wikidata-related activities. We will outline three main approaches to this and provide examples of attempts to implement them: - adding a Wikidata component to existing courses that involve some Wikipedia or other Wikimedia activity - building a largely Wikidata-based curriculum for data-centric fields like data science - building generic Wikidata-based modules that can be inserted into coursework on a broad range of subjects with minimal customization.

In addition, we will explore how the indexing of curricula, syllabi and related information in Wikidata or Wikidata-federated Wikibase instances can be used to help instructors, students, administrators and others find information related to courses or curricula in their fields of interests.

While the focus of the session will be on tertiary education, perspectives from other educational contexts (e.g. secondary education, continuing professional development, or language training) will be included as well.

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