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Participants of the Wikimedia Hackathon 2018

A Wikimania Hackathon 2018 (Ou hackatona da Wikimania de 2018) acontecerá no dia 18 e 19 de julho de 2018, quarta e quinta-feira respectivamente durante a pré conferência da Wikimania 2018 na Cidade do Cabo.

Desenvolvedores, desenhadores (desenhistas), documentaristas, provadores e qualquer pessoa interessada em colaborar em um projeto de hacking é bem-vinda no Hackathon.

Política de espaço amigável e código de conduta

É esperado de todos os participantes da Hackathon que respeitem a Friendly Space Policy (Política de Espaço Salutar ou Amigável) e também o Código de conduta nos espaços técnicos. Indivíduos que não respeitarem tais políticas podem vir a serem convidados a se retirar do evento.

People you can talk to about Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct for Technical Spaces issues:

You can submit Friendly Space observations, suggestions, or reports in person, by email (rfarrand @ wikimedia.org, or by telegram (to anyone on this list). We welcome all discussions and thoughts and are always looking for ways to make this event more inclusive to everyone.

Áreas de foco

This year's focus areas will be:

Please see the event's Phabricator work board to review the hackathon's projects and sessions. Also make sure to add your own.

Entre agora até o a hackathon, todos os participantes são convidados a participarem trazendo ideias sobre propostas para as seções. Mais próximo ao evento vamos delinear um processo aqui para propor sessões.

  • Sessão que abrange qualquer uma das áreas técnicas da Wikimedia
  • Skillshare tópicos em torno da árvore de tecnologia do Wikimedia
  • Sprint para fazer progressos em uma área específica de um projeto (por exemplo, documentação, tradução, design, etc.)
  • Projetos em destaque

If you have your own ideas for a large-scale sprint, track or other projects for the Wikimania hackathon and would like some help in advance coordinating please email Rachel Farrand <rfarrand@wikimedia.org> so we can work out the specifics.

Program and Schedule Information

New sessions are added to the hackathon throughout the event by participants, therefore we do not print the program on paper. You will need a laptop or mobile device connected to wifi or data in order to access the program. There will be a physical up-to-date program at the help desk as well.

How to schedule a session

All registered hackathon participants will be welcome to edit the program directly with your own sessions once we open the program for scheduling. This will happen about one week in advance of the hackathon.

  • If your session is an hour or less, you will be able to schedule it yourself directly!
  • Your session must link to an associated Phabricator task that is tagged to the #Wikimania-Hackathon-2018 project.
  • Please try to keep your sessions to 55 minutes so your participants can get to another session. Also please have the room cleared in time for the participants from the session following yours to get settled and start on time.
  • If you are scheduling a session for longer than an hour, need help editing the program, or need help with creating a task on Phabricator, please email rfarrand@wikimedia.org for help (we want to make sure that the limited breakout room space is available for everyone).

If you do not need a projector and expect a group of 3-10 people, please consider scheduling your sessions at a breakout table in the main hacking space. For now, you can add the session to the "Numbered Hackathon tables in Montreal and Mexico City" column on the program. Once you are in Cape Town you will be able to add a table number. There are no limit to the number of sessions that you can schedule in this column or length of these sessions that you schedule.

Schedule your own sessions or check out our program here:

Newcomer Program

Hackathon participants should have a technical background or be interested in contributing to the design, documentation or translation of a technical project. We will have a newcomer track that will help to introduce people to Wikimedia Tech and also a program to help connect those who don't know what to work on with a project or person who can help to get your oriented.

More details about newcomer support and mentoring can be found on our mentoring page.

Volunteering at the Hackathon

The Wikimania Hackathon is an event run for and by its participants. Everyone attending the hackathon can take as much personal responsibility to co-create the event and improve it as they like. Below you will find some pre-defined ways in which you can help make the event better for everyone. If none of these volunteer roles sound like a good fit for you, you can find small ways to help. A core principle of our hackathons is that if you see a problem, be part of the solution to fixing it. If someone has a question, help them answer it. If someone looks lost, help them find their way.

Volunteer Groups

  • Group Leader: Chris Korner
  • Group description: coordinate your efforts to document the hackathon, upload your images to commons, and meet other hacker-photographers
  • Phabricator task for discussion and details: phab:T199363
  • Group Leader: Srishti Sethi
  • Group description: Write about your experience at the hackathon. Ask for review of your writing. Meet other Wikimedia bloggers. Make sure that your writing ends up being seen!
  • Phabricator task for discussion and details: phab:T199400
  • Group Leader: Aaron Halfaker, Rachel Farrand
  • Group description: Help newcomers get connected with projects and people around the hackathon. You can be a social mentor, a technical mentor, a part-time mentor, a full-time mentor or any combination.
  • Discussion and details: Hackathon/mentoring - Make sure to be at the poster creation and matching sessions on Wednesday Morning (see the hackathon program)
Technical / Social helpdesk staff
  • Group Leader: Rachel Farrand
  • Group description: Take a shift at the physical help desk. Your job will be to chat with people and help them find projects, tasks, or mentors.
  • Discussion and details: You can sign up for a shift at the help-desk here, otherwise just show up and ask how you can help! :)


You can find participant information on the Hackathon/Participants Page, everyone included on the participants page opted in to having their user name published during registration. Please take a moment to check and update your entry!

Hackathon Showcase

The hackathon showcase will be an opportunity for 30 hackathon participants to present their hackathon projects to all Wikimania participants. Presentations should be concise and understandable by non-technical Wikimania participants.


Recommended Items to Bring

  • Laptop and charger, it will be very hard to participate without these!
  • Power plug converters
  • Phone charger
  • Preferred note-taking tools
  • Reusable water bottle (there are ways to refill these)
  • Video output converters for possible presentations
    • (For chargers, converters etc, consider labeling them with your name/email address)


Organizing Team

Contact: Rachel Farrand, Event Manager, rfarrand@wikimedia.org