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This page is a translated version of the page Attendees and the translation is 5% complete.

You can express your intention of attending Wikimania 2018 on this page. Your friends and other people may be interested and the organizers can better guess the estimated number of participants. Please note that this page does not replace the registration process.

All delegates can connect using these social media channels.

Travel Coordination – check when your friends arrive and leave, organize joint trips from / to the airport.

Roomsharing – check who else needs to share a room/hostel/apartment

Add yourself. I will attend:

Definitely (100%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
IN India Balajijagadesh en-5 ta-5 16 July 26 July Attending Wikimania for the first time - , WMDE scholarship
IN India Pratik en-5 17 July 23 July Attending Wikimania for the first time - I am giving a presentation on building the video version of Wikipedia. If you too are flying from India, hit me up at pratik.shetty@tlrfindia.com.
DE Germany Gereon K. de-N, en-5, pt-1, es-1, sv-1, nl-1, sh-1, fr-0 17 July, 16.30h 23 July My presentation about how to start new communities
DE Germany MB-one de-N, en-3, pt-1, fr-1 - - -
DE Germany Brackenheim de-N, en-2 - - WMDE scholarship
DE Germany Marcus Cyron de-N, en-2 - - WMDE scholarship
RU Russia Ruslik0 ru-N, en-3 - - -
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-3, pl-2, zh-2, fr-1, ja-1, he-1 15 July 23 July Looking forward to being back for my first Wikimania in three years. Thanks for the scholarship!
ZA South Africa Pbsouthwood en-N, af-2 - - Local chapter
DE Germany Rogi.Official de-N, en-4, fr-4, he-2, el-1 - - WMDE Scholarship
Sd Sudan Manhal Hakr ar-N,en-3 - - I am looking forward to take part in wikimania 2018, it will be my first wikimania. I am from sudan resident in QATAR.
iq Iraq morad85 ar-N, en-3 - - WMF scholarship.
IT Italy Yiyi it-N, en-3 - - WMIT scholarship.
US United States Z.Victor Zhou zh-N, en-1 - - -
IT Italy Sannita it-N, en-3, es-1 - - WMF scholarship.
UA Ukraine Perohanych uk-N, en-3, ru-4, pl-3 - - WMF scholarship.
IN India Fz-29 en-N, hi - - WMF scholarship.
TD Chad Abdallahbigboy fr-N, en-2, ar- 2 - - WMF scholarship.
MD Moldova Gikü ro-N, en-3, ru-3 - - WMF scholarship.
BD Bangladesh Manik Soren sat-N, bn-4, en-4, hi-3 - - WMF scholarship.
EU Europe Romaine nl-N, en-3, de-2 - - Let's organise!
Na Namibia Dumbassman af-N, en-2 - - Whoop whoop
LV Latvia Papuass lv-N, en-3, ru-2 16 July 25 July WMF scholarship.
NL Netherlands DDJJ nl-N, en-3, de-2, fr 1 - - WMNL
IT Italy Laurentius it-N, en-3, es-1 18 July 24 July Wikimedia Italia chair, Funds Dissemination Committee
IT Italy OrbiliusMagister it-N - - WMIT scholarship.
IT Italy Jaqen it-N, en-3 17 July 23 July WMIT scholarship.
IL Israel Amire80 ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3 16 July 23 July Language strategist, WMF staff. Most people don't know English.
IT Italy Ysogo it-N - - WMIT scholarship.
BE Belgium Andra Waagmeester nl-N, en-5, fr-3, srn-3 18 July 23 July WMNL scholarship.
KR Republic of Korea -revi ko-N, en-3 16 July 24 July WMF scholarship
NL Netherlands Michelle Boon nl-N, en-5, de-2, - - WMNL
IT Italy Wittylama en-N, it-3, fr-3 - - Wikimania Program committee chair; Funds Dissemination Committee member
BE Belgium SPQRobin nl-N, en-3, fr-2, de-2, af-? 17 July 23 July
LK Sri Lanka Rehman en-N, si-3, ta-0 17 July 25 July WMF scholarship. Thank you!
NL Netherlands Grijz nl-N, en-4, fr-3 17 July 25 July WM-NL, chair
DE Germany Zenith4237 de-N, en-4 17 July 1 August WMDE scholarship, which I'm very grateful for
LU Luxembourg Robby lb-N, de-5, fr-4, en-3 14 July 24 July first Wikimania
UY Uruguay fedaro es-1 en-2, 18 July 26 July second Wikimania
IL Israel Maor X es-n en-4, lad-4, pt-4, he-3, it-2, ar-2 18 July 25 July WMIL scholarship
UA Ukraine NickK uk-N, ru-N, en-4, fr-4, de-2 15 July 23 July WMF scholarship (thank you!); WMUA, WLE
SE Sweden John Andersson (WMSE) sv-N, en-4, no-2, dk-2 15 July ED at Wikimedia Sverige (hosting Wikimania in 2019)
EU Europe Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) de-N, en-4, pt-4, es-3 16 July 23 July Program and Engagement Coordinator for the Wikimedia Conference
TN Tunisia Dyolf77 ar-N, fr-5, en-2, it-1 16 July 23 July WMF Scholarship
ES Spain ElsaBornFree ES-N, fr-2, en-3 17 July 23 July WMES scholarship
EU Europe Nicole Ebber (WMDE) de-N, en-4 - - Movement Strategy Process
DE Germany Christopher Schwarzkopf (WMDE) de-N, en-4 16 July July Representative of the Education/Science/Culture-Team @Wikimedia Deutschland
- Sargoth DE, EN, FR 17 July 23 July WMDE scholarship
NL Netherlands siebrand nl-N, en-4, de-3 16 July 24 July Partial WMNL scholarship, Wikimania #10 and grateful.
DE Germany Daniel Mietchen de-N, en-4, fr-4, ru-4, af-1, sw-1 17 July 24 July WMDE scholarship (Danke!); anything related to research; Notes
DE Germany Ptolusque de-N, en-4, la-3, es-1, tlh-1 17 July 22 July WMDE scholarship
DE Germany SpesBona de-N, en-4, af-3, nl-2, fy-1 15 July 28 July WMDE scholarship, first Wikimania, first time in South Africa, first time in Cape Town, so thankful and exciting! :)
VE Venezuela Oscar . es-N, en-3 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship
DE Germany Sparrow (麻雀) de-N, en-4 17 July 23 July WMDE scholarship
FI Finland Lentokonefani fi-N, en-3, sv-2, es-2, ru-1 19 July 22 July WMFI scholarship
DE Germany DasMonstaaa de-N, en-3, fr-1 17 July 1 August WMDE scholarship
IL Israel ערן he-N, en-3 17 July 26 July Very grateful for WMDE scholarship
EU Europe Poco a poco es-N, de-4, en-3, pl-2, it-2, fr-1 19 July 23 July WMDE scholarship
DE Germany Einsamer Schütze de-N, en-3 16 July 27 July WMDE scholarship
AU Australia Bidgee en-N 17 July 23 July WMAU representative, first Wikimania
DE Germany Wuselig de-N, en-5, fr-1 16 July 28 July WMDE-scholarship
US United States SuperHamster en-N, fa-2 18 July 24 July -
US United States bluerasberry en-N 18 July 24 July seeking anyone to present briefly on video on anything Wiki
DE Germany IvaBerlin de-N, en-2 17 July 22 July WMDE scholarship
SE Sweden Axel Pettersson (WMSE) sv-N, en-4 16 July 23 July WMSE staff, Wikimania 2019 organizer
JO Jordan عباد ديرانية ar-N, en-4, de-2, fr-1, he-1 15 July 23 July WMF scholarship
IN India Bodhisattwa bn-N, en-4, hi-4 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship
DE Germany Gnom de-N, en-3, it-2, fr-2, es-1 19 July 29 July WMDE board, movement strategy
IE Ireland Deskana (WMF) en-gb-N 16 July 23 July Talk to me about editing!
EU Europe Veronika Krämer (WMDE) de-N, en-4, fr-3, no-2, es-1 17 July 23 July WMDE Volunteer Support
SE Sweden Ainali sv-N, en-4 17 July 26 July WMF scholarship, Wikimania 2019 volunteer
IN India Krishna Chaitanya Velaga te-N, en-4, hi-3 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship
ZA South Africa TwinMosia en-N, af-2,so-3, 18 July 23 July WMZA scholarship. Looking foward to meeting everyone, sharing, learning and making new friends!
ZA South Africa Aliwal2012 af-N, en-5, nl-3, nso-3, xh-2 18 July 22 July WMZA Scholarship. Very excited, first Wikimania!
BR Brazil Joalpe fr-N, pt-N, en-5, es-4 17 July 23 July WK? scholarship
BR Brazil Mike Peel en-N, pt-2 15 July 23 July WMF scholarship
am Armenia Armineaghayan hy-N, en-3 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship
CN China Maple alliance zh-N, En-3 17 July 1 August
DE Germany Metrophil de-N, en-3, nl-2, fr-2 17 July 23 July WMDE Scholarship. So excited!
DE Germany Martin Rulsch (WMDE) de-N, en-3, es-1, grc-3, la-3 16 July 28 July WMDE staff, volunteer account DerHexer (Wikimedia Steward)
US United States अभय नातू mr-N, gu-5, en-5, hi-5 17 July 22 July WMF Scholarship. A quick session of cricket, anyone?
DE Germany CSteigenberger (WMF) de-N, en-5, fr-2, it-2 16 July 23 July WMF Staff, volunteer account Kritzolina
de Germany Lea Lacroix (WMDE) fr-N, en-4, de-1 17 July 22 July all kind of Wikidata things :)
in India Netha Hussain ml-N, en-5, kn-4, hi-3, sv-2 17 July 23 July WMF scholarship
nl Netherlands SandraF (WMF) nl-N, en-4, fr-3, de-1 17 July 23 July WMF staff, volunteer account Spinster, here for Structured Data on Commons and GLAM!
NA Namibia Pgallert de-N, en-4, af-2 17 July 23 July Third-party sponsored, thanks to Telecom Namibia. Check out my talk!
de Germany Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) de-N, en-4, es-1 17 July 26 July all the Wikidata things!
dk Denmark Anne Kierkegaard (WMDE) dk-N, en-5, de-3, fr-1, it-1, ar-1 15 July 24 July Movement Strategy Process
uk United Kingdom JSutherland (WMF) en-N, es-1 13 July 23 July Trust and Safety and other such things :)
de Germany Lea Voget (WMDE) de-N, en-4, es-2, fr-2 17 July 22 July Session suggestion:

Building tools for diverse users :)

IN India Sidheeq ml-N, en-2 15 July 23 July WMF scholarship.
US United States I JethroBT (WMF) en-N, jp-2 18 July 23 July Community Resources team. Will be talking about the ongoing Inspire Campaign on Measuring Community Health.
IN India Maskaravivek en-4, hi-4 16 July 23 July Member of Commons Android App team. I would be hacking to add some cool features in the hackathon. Attending Wikimania for the first time, so am excited to meet everyone.
de Germany a_ka_es de-N, en-2 17 July 23 July WMDE scholarship; it's my first Wikimania
DE Germany Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE) de-N, en-5, ru-3, fr-2 14 July 23 July WMDE staff, UX-Design/Research. I work on Wikidata, Lexemes and the German technical wished project. Please feel free to talk to me anytime about your experiences! Join me at the design meetup!
- Addshore - - - -
EU Europe Jens Ohlig (WMDE) de-N, en-4, ko-2 17 July 23 July WMDE staff; data partnerships, Wikibase
de Germany Lisa Dittmer (WMDE) de-N, en-5, fr-3, it-2 17 July 23 July WMDE staff; find me at the WMCON Follow-Up Day Communications workshop
NG Nigeria Jamie Tubers yo-N, en-N 16 July 24 July WMF Scholarship; interested in African content gaps, African cinema, and Wikipedia awareness.
GH Ghana Masssly Dag-N, en-4, ha-3, ak-2 16 July 23 July Indigenous languages, Wikimedia Research, Wikidata
kg Kyrgyzstan Nataev en-5, ru-4, tr-3, uz-n 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship
md Moldova BPatel (WMF) en-n, ro-1 16 July 24 July Strategy team
ee Estonia KVaidla (WMF) et-n, en-3 16 July 24 July Strategy team
US United States CKoerner (WMF) en-n 17 July 24 July I want learn from you. Tell me a story!
de Germany Verena Lindner (WMDE) de-n, en-5, fr-2 18 July 22 July WMDE staff; let's talk about gaining and onboarding new editors, community health
RS Serbia Dungodung sr, en-4 16 July 23 July Wikimedia Serbia
MK Macedonia Liridon sq, mk-4, en-4 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship, sqwiki volunteer, member of WoALUG
AL Albania Margott sq, en-4, it-3 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship, sqwiki volunteer, member of WoALUG
IN India Ranjithsiji ml, en-4, hi-2 16 July 23 July WMF scholarship, mlwiki Sysop at Malayalam Wikipedia, member of Malayalam Wiki User Group, Member of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, Member of Free software user group Thrissur
za South Africa Slashme en-N, af-N, de-3, nl-2, ru-1, fr-1, es-1, it-1, xh-1 16 July 22 July Staying an extra week in Somerset West
GH Ghana Owula kpakpo en-1, 16 July 23 July First Wikimania
IN India Pavanaja kn-N, en-4, tcy-4, hi-2 17 July 23 July WMF Scholarship, Karavali Wimiedians User Group
DE Germany Medea7 de-N, es-N, en-5, pt-4, fr-3, it-2, ru-1 17 July 24 July WMDE Scholarship
UY Uruguay Señoritaleona es-N, en-2 17 July, 17.40h 23 July WK? Scholarship
CA Canada JMcMurray_(WMF) en-N, fr-3 15 July 24 July Strategy Team
DE Germany Annalenaschiller de-N, en-4, fr-1, dk-1, no-1 15 July 24 July Strategy Team
PE Peru Andreasmperu es-N, en-4, fr-2, de-2, it-1, pt-1 16 July 25 July WMF Scholarship
KR Republic of Korea 이강철 ko-N, en-3 19 July 23 July Wikimedians of Korea Scholarship
AT Austria Raimund Liebert (WMAT) de-N, en-4 18 July 22 July Wikimedia Austria staff
DE Germany Martin Kraft de-N, en-3 16 July 23 July WMDE scholarship
FR France 0x010C fr-N, de-3, en-3, es-1, als-1 10 July 22 July Lingua Libre, languages and technical stuffs.
SA Saudi Arabia Elizabeth Moll-Willard en-N 19 July - Librarian
UA Ukraine visem uk-N, ru-3, en-3, be-3, fr-2, mo-2, fa-2, ro-2, ar-1, tr-1, es-1 16 July 27 July WMF scholarship.
ZM Zambia Icem4k en-N 17 July 23 July WMZA Scholarship. Attending Wikimania for the first time ever.
IN India Atudu bn-N,en-3,hi-3 16 July 26 July Attending Wikimania for the first time,WMF Scholarship
TZ Tanzania Eid_John en-N 17 July 23 July WMZA Scholarship. Best first time unforgettable experience.
GH Ghana Joy Agyepong en-1, 16 July 04 August First Wikimania,First Deconolising the internet conference, WMF Scholarship,WhoseKnowledge,Open Foundation West Africa
IN India Rohini en-4, mr-N, hi-4, es-3, sa-2, jp-1 Talk to me about GLAM and the gender gap
SK Slovakia KuboF Hromoslav sk-N, eo-4, cs-3, pl-2, en-2, es-1 Talk with me about Esperanto, sustainability, spirituality, developmental psychology, intergal thinking or WCA

Maybe (25%–75%)

Probably (75%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
ZA South Africa LiseHatt en-N 19 July - Librarian

Unsure (50%)

Edit your entry here: Template:Attendees/50

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment

DZ Algeria Bachounda arq-N, ar-N, fr-5, en-3 - - WMF scholarship. / Depending Visa
IN India 01tonythomas en-3 17 July, 2018 23 July, 2018 WMDE Scholarship recipient, but depends on Visa

Probably not (25%)

Edit your entry here: Template:Attendees/25

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment

Definitely not (0%)

Edit your entry here: Template:Attendees/0

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
NP Nepal Ganesh Paudel NE; EN; SA; HI; DTY ARRIVAL DATE DEPARTURE DATE Missing to see you all this year as well!
IT Italy CAPTAIN RAJU bn-N, it-1, hi-2, es-3, en-5 16 July 2018 23 July 2018 Lost My All Documents