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User:Lisa Dittmer (WMDE)

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Lisa Dittmer (WMDE)

Hi, my name is Lisa. I work as an Editor within the Communications Team of Wikimedia Deutschland, supporting our media and public relations outreach. Talk to me about Free Knowledge advocacy, policy, blogging and tweeting about the Wikiverse, media relations...

This account is solely used for the editing of Wikimedia projects and on behalf of Wikimedia Deutschland.

Feel free to get in touch:

Lisa Dittmer (WMDE)

Mail: lisa.dittmer@wikimedia.de

I'm also one of the faces behind @WikimediaDE and run WMDE's blog, feel free to check out what we're up to!

Talk to me about

  • Media and public relations
  • Blogging and social media
  • Politics and journalism
  • Life in Berlin and London
  • ...

in German, English, French