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Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE)

My name is Charlie, I'm a UX-Designer/Researcher at Wikimedia Deutschland. I work on Wikidata, the new lexicographical data that launched end of May, as well as the technical wishes project on the German speaking Wikipedia.

I will be at the design meetup. It starts at 7pm in room London on Saturday the 21st. I'd love for you to join!

Please note: This account is solely used for the editing of Wikimedia projects and on behalf of Wikimedia Deutschland. My private account is Incabell.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me: charlie.kritschmar [a]

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Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE)
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Talk to me about

  • editing Wikidata from and integrating it into your local Wiki
  • lexicographical data!
  • anything Wikidata related -- How do you edit, why do you edit, I'd love to hear about any experience you had.
  • anything to do with the technical wished project.
  • how your wiki handles gender in categories.
  • participatory design or how design tasks are handled on your wiki.