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Poster, welches die Bevölkerung aufruft, Wasser zu sparen.

Während der letzten Jahre hat es in der Kapregion mehrere harte Trockenphasen gegeben, welche zur Wasserkrise in Kapstadt geführt haben. Diese Seite wird die aktuellen Ereignisse beobachten, da da sie möglicherweise die Wikimania betreffen.

In nuce – Glücklicherweise findet die Konferenz während der regenreichsten Saison (Juli) statt, nichtsdestotrotz gibt es keine Garantie, dass die Wasserkrise vorüber sein wird. Das Team steht in ständigem Kontakt mit dem dem Tagungsort, Hotel und Tourismusbehörden, um über die Situation unterrichtet zu bleiben.

Die Organisatoren der Wikimania-Konferenz werden die Situation genau beobachten und das Wikimania-Wiki regelmäßig aktualisieren.

Reverse osmosis plants are being installed, and piping to connect them to the main distribution network. See City of Cape Town: Water Dashboard The City of Cape Town has announced that due to good rains during 2018 that dam levels are at 43% of capacity. Thereby eliminating the possiblity of a "Day Zero" scenario from happening in 2018 or 2019.[1] (update as of 29 June 2018)


Mit etwa vier Millionen Einwohnern ist Kapstadt einer der größten südafrikanischen Städte. Die Wasserlevel sind zurzeit sehr tief und es hat seit etwa drei Jahren wenig Niederschläge in den Frischwasserstauseen der Stadt gegeben.

Reservoirs were holding 50% of their water capacity of water as of July 2018. Strong rains during the winter of 2018 have refilled dam levels to the point that the possibility of a Day Zero event happening in 2019 has been eliminated.[2]

Konferenzort und Hotelplan

Our contacts at the conference venue and accommodation tell us it will not impact the tourist locations we will be visiting. However they have also put in plans of their own to ensure that we will not be seriously impacted.

The Tsogo Sun Hotel chain who we are dealing with have a water conservation and storage plan that includes bringing in water from other locations and digging wells on their properties. The City of Cape Town has assured the public that the Cape Town Central Business District (CBD) where the hotel is located will not experience water cuts on or after Day Zero. Water in the CBD will come from a dedicated desalination unit near the harbour in addition to other sources.

Nevertheless, it will be very important to behave water-smart and be conscientious with the usage of water.


From now until Day Zero people are encouraged to save water wherever possible by limiting consumption to 50 litres per person a day. After Day Zero regular citizens of Cape Town will be able to collect water at one of over two hundred water distribution points across the city where they will be allocated 25 litres of water per person per day. Security will be provided at each point to ensure an orderly collection of water.

To supplement the city's water supply the City has started tapping two aquifers and is in the process of installing three desalination plants.

Was man tun kann

So here are a few tips:

  • Limit your showers to two minutes. If you can make it shorter than that, even better! (practice this back home!)
  • Wet yourself, turn off the shower while soaping up, rinse quickly and systematically, turn off the water and get out.
  • Don’t ask for clean bedding and towels every day (laundry uses a lot of water!)
  • Join the Water Sustainability Edit-a-Thon on Thursday the 19th July. Contact Rossouw for more information or check out the Wikimania offical program for more information closer to the date.

Remember: an average person uses about 50 litres for a short shower: as of the 1st February 2018 the limit the Cape Town council put in is a usage of 50 litre per person per day. There are however people who use as little as 30 litres per day. Be one of them!

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