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Date: July 18th 2018
Time: 9am-1pm

(lunch provided 1-2pm)

Location: SunSquare City Bowl, Wale room

This event is being organized by the Wikimedia Foundation Education Team in partnership with WMZA & Wiki in Africa and with collaboration from e/merge Africa.

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Challenges and opportunities in South Africa and beyond


We believe Wikipedia belongs in education. When students of all ages contribute to Wikimedia projects as part of their learning, they gain significant 21st-century skills. By fostering a relationship between Education and the Wikimedia movement, we have the best chance to realize our goal that “the sum of all knowledge” will be accessible to everyone in the world for free.

The Education Pre-Conference at Wikimania will put education programs into perspective by taking a deep look at the educational challenges that exist in our host country, South Africa, and how Wikimedia projects are making an impact. We will engage Wikimedia program leaders, educators, and other like-minded organizations to share with and learn from each other, helping to realize the full potential of Wikimedia projects in education.


  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of the impact that Wikimedia projects can have on education.
  • They will have improved their ability to advocate for Wikimedia in education.
  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of how programs can be contextualized to meet local challenges.
  • Participants will grow their network and find like-minded collaborators.



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