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Enabling Open Scholarship - How Wikimedia projects can help bridging knowledge gaps between academia and society


Scholarly research is supposed to serve society in the best possible manner. Making research and its results and data available to and usable for everyone should therefore be an integral part of the scientific workflow. However, the majority of scientific publications and research data are not freely available but are stuck behind paywalls or are subjected to other restrictions which keep them from being used by the society, and thus, from using them within Wikimedia projects.This results in a huge knowledge gap between academia and society.

The concept of Open Scholarship can help bridging this knowledge gap: Making research processes and results accessible, comprehensible and reusable can lead to a more effective dissemination of knowledge into society and thus help to improve access to knowledge. This is especially important for the Wikimedia community which often relies on this knowledge. Furthermore, Open Scholarship can enable a wider participation of society in the research process. Not only can open scholarship provide insights into the processes and knowledge gathered by academia to the general public, but also it can enable academia to benefit from non-academic perspectives on problems that research faces. The mediation between the research community on the one hand and the society on the other hand, can be carried out by Wikimedia projects.

In this roundtable-discussion we would like share our experiences with Wikimedians who are interested in Open Scholarship. We especially want to introduce the Open Science Fellows Program of Wikimedia Deutschland, a joint initiative with the Stifterverband, and the Volkswagen Foundation. We want to share our experiences from this program and by inviting people from diverse backgrounds in terms of their open scholarship experience and their Wikimedia community involvement, we want to broaden our perspective on this topic.



  • Open Science
  • Open Scholarship
  • Community Exchange

Desired session outcome

In the session we want to discuss and learn from existing approaches, and want to collect ideas how we can motivate and enable more people in academia to become contributors of free knowledge that can be integrated into Wikimedia infrastructures.Our goal is to gain a better understanding of how the Wikimedia-Movement can benefit from Open Scholarship and to develop concrete strategies for motivating researchers to contribute to Wiki projects as well as for integrating scholarly knowledge into Wiki projects.

The participants

  • will have a better understanding of the relevance of Open Scholarship for Wikimedia’s free knowledge movement
  • will be aware of activities worldwide that aim to strengthen and benefit from Open Scholarship.
  • will be motivated to form a global network to jointly develop new ideas and to share experiences


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