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The public policy meetup at Wikimania Cape Town.

Everyone working on or curious about Wikimedia's public policy activities is invited to join this preconference meetup. We'll be discussing questions like "Is the Brazilian 'fake news' law dangerous for Wikipedia?", "Why is there no Freedom of Panorama in Ghana?", "How to ensure net neutrality in the US?" and "Can we still turn around the EU copyright reform?".

The ongoing EU copyright reform will surely be a subject, but we want to take the opportunity being in Africa to put a special focus on these communities and to discuss actions planned and performed by ours groups in countries like Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.


Etherpad notes

Place and location

  • Thursday 19 July 17:00-19:00
  • Wale room, City Bowl hotel


  1. African public policy activities (ZA, Ghana, Nigeria)
  2. EU copyright reform
  3. US public policy developments
  4. Other public policy issues around the world