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Place of meeting, exchange and sharing, the Community Village will be held again during Wikimania 2018. All organizations linked to Wikimedia and open-knowledge-related organisations, who wish to share their work and exchange ideas, are invited to participate. Through interactive and innovative kiosks (as an example WikiCheese), the Village will be the opportunity to raise awareness of the Wikimedia movement and all of its projects.


The Community Village is located in the foyer outside Montreal & Mexico City and the second floor foyer.

Participants of the Community Village

Wikimedia Foundation (Community Resources Team) Second Floor, Table 3
Wikimedia Foundation, Trust & Safety/Anti-Harassment Tools Second Floor, Table 4
Affiliations Committee (AffCom) Second Floor, Table 5
ContentMine Ltd., ScienceSource project (funded by WMF) Second Floor, Table 1
Wikimedia Israel Third Floor, Table 9
Wikipedia Asian Month Third Floor, Table 10
Egypt Wikimedians User Group Third Floor, Table 11
Odia Wikimedians User Group; O Foundation; Wikitongues Third Floor, Table 7
Wikimedia Polska Third Floor, Table 6
Mobile User Testing and feedback (WMF) Second Floor, Table 2
Wikimedia ZA Third Floor, Table 12
Wikidata community Third Floor, Table 13
Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), includes:

Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine

Third Floor, Table 8
Kiwix users/devs TBA

Map of the world

Map of the world
Map of the world

In the Community Village there is also a map of the world where anyone is invited to add a small sticker to indicate where the participants of the conference come from. The map is however not complete, mention missing parts on Fix the map.

Learn To Edit

So you got enthusiastic about Wikipedia or one of the other project and now you want to become an editor?
See us at the "Learn to edit"-desk next to the registration, and we'll help you create an account and do your first edits!

Not in the Community Village, but there all day. The Helpdesk will be staffed from Friday - Sunday, about 9.00 - 17.00 (Sunday till 15.00).