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The Readers department at the Wikimedia Foundation would like feedback on upcoming features. We're looking for interested attendees to help us with user testing during the event. We'll be making ourselves available at Wikimania for discussion, specifically about the features mentioned below.


Community Village Second floor, table 2

What are we testing?

Wikitext keyboard (Android)

Details on Phabricator ticket T195208

For editors who use wikitext, we've created a mobile 'wikitext' keyboard that can be used on Android devices for editing on mobile web and in the app.

Try it out by participating in an in-person user study, or stop by to pick up instructions and a survey form to fill out later at your leisure.

Advanced mobile contributions on web

  • Editor workflow interviews
  • Navigation exercise
  • Demo and Q&A of planned changes

Mobile app testing (Android or iOS app)

Run through the experience of installing and using the latest version of the iOS/Android app (depending on your device) and tell us what you think.


Release and Privacy forms:

  • Release form for the relevant app & study - links TBC
  • Relevant Privacy policy - links TBC

Survey forms: For people interested in participating but don’t want to be recorded in a moderated test (esp. useful for wikitext test if users want to try it over the course of a week) - links TBC

Who we are

The following folks from the Wikimedia Foundation will be helping with user testing.

Other ways to help

Can't make it during Wikimania? Not a problem. If you're interested in signing up to help testing for the mobile apps, use this form to be contacted by the team.

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