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Planning team and focus-groups:

Members of the Wikimania 2018 team (See Wikimania Handbook: Team for definitions/explanation)

  • Lead Coordinator: ?
  • Press Contact: ?
  • Sponsor Coordinator: ?
  • Sponsorship group:
    • Dumi
    • Douglas
    • David?
  • Volunteer Coordinator: ?
  • Program Committee: ?
  • Hackathon/IT coordinator: ?
  • Scholarships (also involves community outreach)
    • David can help
    • Rossouw is interested
  • Website (can be hosted on meta, but could as well have subdomain on the Wikimania server. Consider using Wikimania server and setting it up so it can be used by subsequent organisers with minimum reinvention - particularly for translation.
    • Peter can help, e.g. with a CT introduction. (article started on English Wikivoyage: Do we put on other languages?}
    • Rossouw is also keen to help with this.
    • Coenraad can help with tech things