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What is Knowledge? Art Exhibition

From Wikimania

Ten artists spread across four continents responded to the question: "What is knowledge?"

Come see how their art speaks to this question, and create a response of your own!


All are invited to view and make art (remember to abide by the Friendly space policy).


1st floor (past the lifts) of the Southern Sun Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Date & Time

  • Friday, 20th July - Sunday, 22nd July
  • On display 24 hours a day

Meet the Artists Reception

You can meet some of the artists in person during the Poster and Art Reception!

  • Friday, 20th July 20:00 – 21:30
  • Dessert and drinks will be provided in the third floor plenary hall.
  • Come meet the artists and make some art of your own in the first floor exhibition space after the plenary reception opening remarks.


Please get in touch with Siko Bouterse and Marti Johnson at <events@whoseknowledge.org> if you have any questions. This event is brought to you by Whose Knowledge?.