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My name is Kai Alexis Smith. I am a Librarian in Massachusetts and the AfroCROWD New England Coordinator. I have organized a number of Wikipedia events including Black Lives Matter and Art+Feminism events as well as collaborating with faculty in the classroom with Wikipedia lesson plans. I am a member of the Wikimedia Simple Annual Planning Grants Committee. I and am passionate about the arts, social justice issues, African diaspora, and the empowerment of women and girls. I edit under the name Siarus1074.

As of Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 12:31 (UTC), The English Wikipedia has 40,186,908 registered users, 130,849 active editors, and 1,128 administrators. Together we have made 980,968,337 edits, created 51,793,327 pages of all kinds and created 6,180,754 articles.