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Last day to vote: I'm running as a candidate for the Wikimedia Movement Charter Drafting Committee, a sort of constitutional convention for the wikiverse.

Polls run till Sunday, and you can select as many candidates as you like.

This is my candidacy statement:

"We need a truly decentralized and democratic movement, and I believe I can be in a postition to help forward that goal. We need a charter document that guarantees real independence and resources for the communities. I will draw on this past year's experience with the COLOR letter and the SWAN global meetings, and will work to hold movement actors to account with a meaningful and enforcable document. Strategy is about distribution of power and we shouldn't pretend that isn't. What we're looking at is a fair way of allocating resources and establishing consensus among the many elements of our movement globally.

Therefore, I commit myself to these principles:

  • Democracy and diversity, both necessary and both indispensable
  • Decentralization, which means devolving power away from the Wikimedia Foundation in the United States
  • Transparency, in the drafting process itself and also in the resulting structures it creates
  • Consensus, this whole thing only works if we do the hard work of talking to each other and making compromises

I believe in a community driven iterative on-wiki process, not something written in a black box in a dark room. I will commit to ensuring these principles in the process and in the product, and I believe I have the experience, the diplomacy, and the nuance to be effective in this task."--Pharos (talk) 17:19, 22 October 2021 (UTC)

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I'm active as User:Pharos on English Wikipedia and other projects through SUL, and have also helped with organizing Wikimedia New York City.