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Emna Mizouni 'Rabbit Hole' t-shirt 07-2015

Hello I'm Emna Mizouni (Arabic آمنة الميزوني), a user from Tunisia.

I'm the Vice-Chair of the Affiliations Committee and a volunteer with the Wikimedia TN User Group and I proudly contribute to some activities of the Tunisian Association of Free Digital Culture CLibre. I'm also the President and Founder of Carthagina, a NGO that aims to promote and value the Tunisian Heritage and History. All these civil society entities use the Wikimedia projects in the majority of their work. I was part of the organising team of WikiArabia 2015 in Tunisia, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Africa. Proudly, I helped with the WikiArabia Cairo 2017 team in the Media and Digital coverage.

I have attended :

Other than writing about Tunisia and fixing typing mistakes, I love writing and translating biographies and of course documenting the history and work in the Middle East and Africa:

Biographies and especially Women biographies

I love editing the Tunisian proverbs wikiquote page . If you are a Tunisian don't hesitate to stop by and add quotes to it.

I edit the Algerian quotes as well: Algerian proverbs

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