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One T-shirt is supplied included in registration fee. There may be a small number available for cash purchase at the venue, but these will be limited in quantity, and when they run out they will not be restocked.

Select your own size from the chart. Please ensure that the size you choose is the size you want, as there will not be stock available for exchange. Sizes will be provided in centimetres and inches. Measure one of your own shirts with the fit you like and order accordingly. Do not assume that the sizes listed correspond with sizes you are familiar with. Width is probably the most important dimension, but in some cases you may choose to go for a looser fit to get the length you want. Sizes listed are based on samples provided by the supplier, and may vary slightly. Specify the shirt you want by size code only, other information will be disregarded. If you do not specify a size code you will probably not get a shirt.

Size code Width
centimetres / (inches)
(2 x width)
centimetres / (inches)
centimetres / (inches)
XS ??cm (??in) ??cm (??in) ??cm (??in)