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The 9th Annual Wikimania LGBT+ Meetup, at Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, will bring together LGBT+ Wikimedians and other interested persons from all around the globe. All are welcome at this meetup!

The meetup will be Friday July 20 from 6-7pm in the London conference room!


  1. Review of note taking at this meetup and friendly space policy
  2. Introductions
  • Proposed items to be added to the agenda open to all attendees
  • Discussion of LGBT activities within the Wikimedia movement
    • past activities
    • upcoming activities
  • Discussion of LGBT content-building projects
  • Wiki Loves Pride campaign reports challenges, successes and future ideas
  • Harassment and discrimination within the Wikimedia movement; prevention vs. reaction. What is the WMF doing and what are they not doing?
  • Communication/collaboration methods for international/multilingual LGBT wikimedia projects
  • talk about preparation and organization of Europride event in Stockholm at the beginning of August.
  • talk about how to distribute tasks to organize a conference/ multi- day edit-a-thon in New York in 2019 for the Stonewall riot anniversary
  • talk about how we can collaborate and support the Wiki Loves Love project and talk about a similar project in Vienna at Europride 2019 funded by WMAT

Interested attendees

There is no need to register! Some people choose to not list their name.


  • etherpad - temporary notes, transfer to this page after meeting