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Wikimania is coming to Cape Town in July 2018. This page will give you different ideas on how you can get involved in the Wikimedia movement on your own terms and in your own ways ...

At the event, and want to learn how to edit?

So you got enthusiastic about Wikipedia or one of the other project and now you want to become an editor? See us at the "Learn to edit"-desk next to the registration, and we'll help you create an account and do your first edits!

Find out about Wikipedia and its sister projects?

These links will help you to find out more about Wikipedia and what it is.

Fun videos explaining Wikipedia from Cameroon and Nigeria:

About Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in general:

Are you interested in editing Wikipedia?

It is a good idea to get started by expanding information on subjects that you know - your home town or suburb, your special interest, etc.

Are you a teacher, university or college student, academic, specialist or enthusiast in a specific subject matter?

  • Please consider attending either Wikimania or the pre-conference Education Day. You can register here.
  • There are a number of pre-conference events planned, please watch Social Media channels for details.
  • A guide to the conference for newcomers will be available on registration at the event.
  • Think about running a Wikipedia course at your school or college. Here are some training modules, contact the Wikimedia groups listed below or join the education projects listed below.

Do you want to join your local Wikimedia group?

Wikimedia Chapters and User Groups are involved in editing and photographic events, visits to heritage sites, education programmes and writing competitions and drives. They are always looking for people to join and get involved in contributing Africa's knowledge and culture to Wikipedia. There are Wikimedia Groups across Africa, please consider contacting them to find out when the next event or project is planned so that you can get involved.

Projects across Africa that you can be involved in

  • the WikiAfrica movement – the movement that drives content contribution across Africa
  • Wiki Loves Women – a project celebrating African women on Wikipedia
  • Wiki Loves Africa – the annual photographic competition that celebrates Africa across different themes
  • Wiki Loves Monuments – the world's largest photographic competition that celebrates heritage
  • Wiki Loves Earth – international photographic celebration of protected wild and natural areas
  • Wiki Fundi – the offline editing platform and Wikipedia library for content contribution

Gender-focused projects

Education projects

* WikiChallenge African Schools and WikiAfrica School – education programmes run in schools using WikiFundi